About us

*Starting March 23, we are available for communication by email, contact us if you have a critical experiment as defined in the guidelines from the Office of Research*

The Genomics High-Throughput Facility (GHTF) at the University of California, Irvine is a core research facility. We provide a variety of services ranging from quality checking DNA/RNA to library construction and sequencing. We offer several sequencing platforms from Illumina’s MiSeq, HiSeq4000, and NovaSeq to PacBio’s Sequel II System. Our services tab provides more information about the instruments and services offered at GHTF.

The mission of GHTF is to bring emerging nucleic acid technologies to UCI and provide genome-wide analysis for clients interested in gene expression, regulation of gene expression, and genome sequence and variation. We are available for consultation and look forward to supporting your research projects.

The GHTF was established in 1999 as a shared resource, affiliated with the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, an NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, with the goal of assisting UCI Campus and Medical Center investigators.   GHTF provides CFCCC investigators with guidance and education throughout the entire experimental process, including  experimental design, data analysis and publication. The shared resource has expanded and currently provides services to numerous outside academic, non-profit institutions and commercial biotech entities.


Seminars/Workshops/Office Hour

NanoString:  Whole Transcriptome Atlas Grant, Open from March 1st – April 30th  Information

10x Genomics Boot camp session for UCI using Zoom Video Conference Call in – Wednesday, April 8th 10am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-3:30pm.  Register for a time slot

BioNano Webinar:  Genome wide, unbiased detection of structural variants in Covid-19 patients.  Thursday, April 9th 8am. Register

Illumina Webinar:  Empowering single cell and spatial experiments with sample multiplexing.  Tuesday, April 28th 9am.  Register

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