Consulting services

Bioinformatics Consulting Service at GHTF

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies are revolutionizing biology. However, analyzing NGS data requires dedicated bioinformaticians who are often not available in many labs. At UCI GHTF, we can help you overcome the challenges of analyzing increasingly large and complex NGS data. We can help you design and analyze a wide variety of high throughput experiments.  The GHTF provides basic consulting on data analysis approaches and performs defined data analysis routines (recharge basis).

How it works:

  • Upon inquiry and following consultation each user will be provided a Project Agreement along with his/her quotation. The Project Agreement is to be signed by the user. Along with the quotation, this Project Agreement describes our understanding of the work to be carried out by the Facility. For routine projects it states explicitly that we consider this “fee-for-service” work and not a scientific collaboration.
  • In instances where prior consultation has indicated the need for greater scientific input from the Facility, i.e. collaboration, the Project Agreement will outline the Facility’s expectations with respect to publication.


  • Our general policy is first-come, first-served. In any event, the Project Agreement will indicate our estimate of start and completion dates. Users will be notified of any significant deviations from those dates.

For detailed questions please contact:

Dr. Jenny Wu
Director, Bioinformatics
Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
Phone: 949-824-6023