FAQ: Quality Check

How much sample volume do I need to bring for Quality Checks?

For typical QC, it would be best to bring at least 5 ul. However if you require additional QC services, like Kapa qPCR, then you would need to provide more sample volume. We can always return the leftover samples when we are done with QC.

Can I get my samples back after Quality Checks?

Yes, just write on the order form that you would like us to keep the leftover samples.

How long does QC normally take?

It typically takes between 1 day – 1 week.

What if I need results as soon as possible?

If you need results as soon as possible, you have the option of paying to burn a chip, which means that in addition to paying for your samples you will also have to pay for all the empty wells on that chip.
For example, if you have 4 DNA samples to run on a DNA high sensitivity chip, burning a chip means that you will have to pay for 11 samples (4 DNA samples + 7 empty wells).

How are the samples run on the Bioanalyzer?

We normally dilute the samples to the appropriate concentration for the type of bioanalzyer run. For DNA HS chips, samples are diluted to 0.7 ng/ul. For RNA Nano chips, samples are either diluted to 250 ng/ul or run straight. For RNA Pico chips, samples are diluted to 5 ng/ul.

What is the difference between RNA Pico Bioanalzyer and RNA Nano Bioanalyzer?

Rna Pico has a qualitative range of 50-5000 pg/ul. While RNA Nano has a qualitative range of 5 – 500 ng/ul. Also, the RNA Pico chip can only process 11 samples at time, while the RNA Nano can process 12 samples at a time.