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UCI GHTF Bioinformatics Affliliates:  Experts with interest in bioinformatics collaborations

·      Pierre Baldi, PhD, Biological Chemistry; Developmental & Cell Biology, Biomedical Engineering,

Machine learning and other statistical approaches for AI and large-scale data mining, development of chemistry expert systems, prediction of protein properties, computationally screening and designing new drugs and chemical interactions, comparing genomes, and modeling metabolic, signaling, and regulatory networks in systems biology.

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    .     Karen L. Edwards, PhD, Epidemiology,

Genetic epidemiology, epidemiology, study design, statistics, chronic disease (Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Neurological diseases, cognitive function, melanoma), Gene x environment interactions, data management, ethical, legal and social implications of genomic research for clinical and public health application/translation, big data, personalized medicine.

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·      J.J. Emerson, PhD, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology,

Evolutionary genetics, and experience in the bioinformatics of genome assembly as well as of genetic variation of gene expression and structural variation.

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·      Dan Gillen, Statistics,

Development of statistical methodology for censored survival data, group sequential methods for the design and analysis of clinical trials, and the analysis of longitudinal data.

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·    Wayne Hayes, Ph.D.  Network analysis, systems biology, cell tracking

Modeling and analysis of metabolic, signaling, and regulatory networks in systems biology; network-based functional analysis; cell-tracking in time-sequence microscopic images or videos; non-machine-learning methods of data analysis; custom programming for non-conventional analysis of any data.

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·      Luohua Jiang, PhD, Epidemiology,

Multilevel and Longitudinal Data Analysis, Latent Variable Modeling, Chronic Disease Epidemiology and Prevention, Health Disparities Research.

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·      Harry Mangalam, PhD, Office of Information Technology,

Large scale visualization, bioinformatics, evolutionary biology, high-throughput sequencing, large scale data processing, compute cluster planning & implementation, system administration, data center planning, and grant preparation.

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·      Ali Mortazavi, PhD, Developmental & Cell Biology,

Transcriptional Regulation, Genomics, Long-range chromatin interactions, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq.

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·      Trina Norden-Krichmar, PhD, Epidemiology,

Quantitative analysis, statistics, genetics, bioinformatics, computational biology, computer science.

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·      Padhraic Smyth, PhD, Computer Science,

Machine learning, pattern recognition, applied statistics, data mining, information theory and artificial intelligence.

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·      Xiaohui Xie, PhD, Computer Science,

Computational genomics, computational methods for next-generation sequencing, statistics, and machine learning.

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·      Zhaoxia Yu, PhD, Statistics,

Statistics, biostatistics, statistical genetics, bioinformatics, genetic epidemiology

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